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How to collect myVEGAS Free Chips

Collecting myVEGAS free chips on the Facebook version is one of the easier parts of the game. Just click on the free chips links below and once the window loads, the free chips are automatically added to your account. After clicking a chip link, it’ll turn red to show that it’s already been clicked already.

myVEGAS free chips collection must be done either in Facebook, or a mobile browser that supports flash, such as the Puffin Browser.

Pro Tip: Hold “CTRL” + “Left Mouse Click” each icon for faster myVEGAS free chip collection

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Submitting Free myVEGAS Chips Links

Copy and paste any public myVEGAS chip links below and click on “Submit” to add it to the list of free myVEGAS Chips.


Need more Free myVEGAS Slots Chips?

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General Overview/ Gameplay

This is the original way of playing myVEGAS and needs to be played via a PC or Laptop. This is the main game and where you will need to come to redeem your rewards. You should start your myVEGAS adventure here. You do need to be signed in to your Facebook to play and the game requires a constant internet connection. You also need to remember that a limited internet connection can ruin your gaming experience.

Once you login into Facebook, you will notice you will need to build up your strip buildings. As you play, you will collect building pieces that you use to build new casinos, that in turn give you extra free chips, and at higher VIP level free Loyalty points, every few hours. You earn Loyalty points with each spin of a slot machine, by filling a coin meter. Each spin adds it to your Loyalty Point coin meter, the higher the bet amount, the more the meter is filled with each spin. When the coin meter is full it will award you Loyalty Points, then reset.

myVEGAS slots also has the High Roller Rooms, where big bets can lead to big wins. However you need to be Emerald level VIP or bought access in pack in order to access the High Roller Rooms. But remember while you definitely want to win more chips so you can raise your bets, and continue to play, the real objective is to win loyalty points.

How to earn chips

Chips are the in-game currency, to play the game you need chips. Chips have only one purpose: to play the game.  Each spin of the Slot costs a set amount of chips. If you lose they are gone, if you win you will get the winnings back in chips to spin again. There are multiple ways you can increase the amount of chips you have to betting:

  • Spinning the Daily Wheel is the biggest source of chips for many, with the payout of chips and gems dependent on your VIP level and day streak bonus.
  • Collecting the Time bonus every three hours also gives a constant influx of chips for gambling
  • Collecting chips and Loyalty Points from the buildings along myStrip, the refresh times and amount vary depending on you player and VIP level.
  • Daily Email with a link to free chips, check your email daily for free chips, sometimes not redeeming for few days leads to big chips offer ones.
  • Bonus codes appear every now and then on Facebook feed, some offering amazing amounts of free chips
  • Tournament Participation, can be a great way to earn extra chips while earning those Loyalty Points
  • Buy them, sometimes extremely good value packs are offered for $1-3, with millions of chips offered
  • The easiest and most often overlooked way to get free chips is Collecting chips via shared links –

Strategies and Tips

  • The perfect MyVegas Slot strategy means you are spinning efficiently, spending only what you need to spend to collect as many loyalty points as possible. Not all slots are created equally. They all have different chip values for spins, and so some are not as efficient at gathering Loyalty Points.
  • Watch your daily Loyalty Point limit cap, do not play after reaching it.
  • Player levels affect which a specific game that will return the maximum number of loyalty points for the fewest number of chips.
  • Not all bonuses are easy to complete. Look at requirements and see if worth the chips.
  • Stock up on chips before you play. If you only have a couple million chips and then you go in to play, if you’re unlucky, then you’re done in 5 minutes. Games of chance are built on frequency, and the only way to keep playing is to start with a store of chips, even if it means just collecting chips for a few days.
  • Log in every day so you can collect your daily spin and daily gift to build up chips. Good rule of thumb is 20 times the bet amount you want to make.
  • Double check bet amounts, sometimes the amount is reset after free spins or completion of challenge
  • Check you are playing the correct game for the Tournaments/Challenges
  • Collect time bonus every 3 hours for easy 50,000 chips
  • The best thing about the Facebook App is you can set it onto auto spin and just leave it to it, checking back periodically to handle a bonus or reset autospin.